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For Companies and Individuals

We guide you and collaborate with graphic designers, printers, and other industry professionals to bring your label vision to life. We leverage our expertise in assist you with design and compliance with industry regulations to ensure that the wine label not only looks great but also effectively communicates the essence of the wine and the message you intend to convey. We will craft, bottle and label the wine using your custom labels. Give yourself ample time ahead of your event to ensure every detail is taken care of to your desired perfection.

Minimum 6 cases (72 bottles/54 liters)

For Liquor Licensees

We work with pubs, restaurants, conference centres and any establishment with a liquor license wishing to custom craft or custom label their house wine. Our location in Lower Mainland and its proximity to the largest consumer market in the Canada’s West coast offers unparallel advantages for reduced shipping costs, onsite visits and increased consistency of your wine list. Speak directly to our winemaker today.

Minimum 56 cases (672 bottles/502 liters)


In the contemporary and competitive market, the strategic inclusion of an in-house wine expert yields unparalleled advantages. Our winemaker, possessing a comprehensive background as a hospitality manager, wine buyer, consultant, and business manager, offers a unique skill set to enhance your establishment’s wine offerings. Benefit from our services, including:

  • Crafting and Branding Your Signature House Wine: Leverage our expertise to create a distinct and compelling house wine that aligns with your brand.
  • Curating a Diverse Wine Portfolio: With a focus on various wine styles, we ensure a comprehensive and appealing portfolio that caters to a broad customer base.
  • Market Research Insights: Our team conducts thorough market research to understand consumer preferences and current trends, enabling us to tailor your wine menu accordingly.
  • Detailed Tasting Notes: Enhance the customer experience with our meticulously crafted tasting notes for each wine, aiding patrons in making informed selections.
  • Food Pairing Recommendations: Elevate the overall dining experience by providing expert suggestions for food pairings that complement your wine selection.
  • Pricing Strategy Assistance: Benefit from our knowledge in purchasing high-quality wine at attractive prices, allowing you to offer the best value to your clients.
  • Wine Education Sessions: Empower your staff and associates with insightful wine education sessions, ensuring a knowledgeable and confident team.

Partner with us to elevate your wine program, combining quality, value, and expertise to set your establishment apart in the competitive market.



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