Wine Style Development

Helping you define or refine the style or profile of wines you aim to produce.

Harvest Decision Making

Advising on the optimal time to harvest based on grape maturity and the desired wine style.

Fermentation Management

Guidance on selecting yeast strains, fermentation temperatures, and techniques to achieve desired aromas and flavors.

Crushing and Pressing

Recommending best practices for crushing and pressing grapes and suggesting best equipment lease or purchase most suited to your needs.


Advising on aging techniques, choice of oak barrels or tanks, and duration of aging.


Assisting in the blending of different wine batches or varieties to achieve a specific flavor profile.

Stabilization and Fining

Providing expertise on methods to stabilize wine and remove particles or compounds.


Recommending best practices for bottling to ensure wine quality and longevity.

Quality Control

Setting up or refining lab procedures and sensory evaluation protocols to maintain wine quality.


Diagnosing and offering solutions for issues like microbial contamination, off-odors, or other wine faults.

Winery Design and Equipment Selection

Providing advice on winery layout, equipment choice, and capacity planning.

Market Analysis and Positioning

Offering insights into market trends and helping wineries position their wines effectively in the market.

Branding and Packaging

Assisting in the development of wine labels, packaging, and branding strategies.

Regulatory Compliance

Ensuring wines meet regional and international standards, and helping navigate the complexities of wine laws and regulations.

Education and Training

Conducting workshops, seminars, or training sessions for winery staff on various aspects of winemaking.

Research and Innovation

Implementing innovative techniques, technologies, or practices to enhance wine production and quality.

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